Harvest Dispensaries

Designing an approachable, on‑brand experience for a growing cannabis company and its customers.

Expanding rapidly to locations around the country as cannabis legislation evolves and the visitor stigma shifts, Harvest was facing inconsistency in store design, operational efficiency, and brand differentiation. The company also wanted to elevate the cannabis experience to promote conversation and education, engaging every customer, whatever their level of familiarity.

Elaborating on their tagline “House of Cannabis,” the designs feature a home frame structure, home-scaled displays and counter heights, openness to encourage dialogue with budtenders, and approachable materials that allude to the processes of plant growth.

Design Playbook

Working closely with Harvest, we produced a retail planning and design playbook to consistently use across locations but also allow flexibility for Harvest’s growth. The playbook curates an on-brand, scalable experience across various sizes within medical and recreational markets, increasing operational efficiency and promoting approachability. Elements are designed serve multiple functions and scale addressing security, operations, merchandising, fulfillment, and marketing needs within a kit of parts that can be adapted to fit any space or market specific requirements.

Throughout the project we dove deep into learning about the industry and its many ever-changing facets, remaining nimble in that dynamic environment. The resulting layouts, fixtures, modular pieces, and utilitarian materials will help Harvest maximize its brand differentiation and cohesiveness, and elevate the image of dispensaries as they become part of communities around the country.

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