Amanda Harper



I am a maker. Creating not only drives my career but is an integral part of my day‑to‑day life as I take on countless hobbies and seldom sit still. I’m especially passionate about handmade, authentic details and am inspired by others who use creativity in a variety of fields. From chefs, artists, scientists, designers and more, I believe our culture is only enhanced by the passion to explore the unexpected.

Amanda hails from an advertising background and has been with Multistudio for more than 10 years.  She leads our Brand Experience practice within Multistudio.

Amanda believes that design should not only be nimble and holistic, but a tool to solve any business challenge. She has proven to be a team player, leader and above all, an innovator. When Amanda aligns design with a client’s brand the outcome is creative, compelling, and impactful. Her attention to detail is incomparable—from leading a brainstorm to developing a brand package—Amanda not only thinks of everything, she can do everything too!

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