KU Unveils Locker & Weight Rooms at the Anderson Football Complex

Excerpts from article by Henry Greenstein, Staff Writer at KU Sports August 10, 2023

The Anderson Football Complex is the first initiative in a series of multi-phased projects to be completed at the University of Kansas.

Multistudio is proud to have partnered with HNTB on renovating the 15,000 sq. ft. weight and lock rooms at the complex. The locker rooms feature reclining chairs, and the weight room is equipped with all-new gear. These facilities speak to the caliber of athletic performance that the university is competing at and prepares the Jayhawks for future victories.

This project builds into the momentum of the 11th and Mississippi project, a gateway to celebrate the historic university’s 158-year relationship with the Lawrence community.

Video courtesy of KU Athletics

Kansas Athletics officially opened its football team’s new locker room and weight room Tuesday afternoon, bringing to a close the first stage of upgrades to the Anderson Family Football Complex and kicking off a broader series of athletic renovations as part of the university’s “gateway project.”

Head coach Lance Leipold said the substantial changes served as a reward for the current players who have helped develop the program.

“We know this, that this program’s been behind for quite a while,” Leipold told reporters. “And this is another statement, and we have more coming, of course, that are going to show that this program, from our chancellor, our athletic director, and our boosters, that we’re in it.

“We’re not on the sidelines anymore, we’re not hoping about things, and when recruits and people start walking through they’re going to see the difference.”

The locker room improvements created space for 14 additional lockers, included a large video board at the entrance and an audio system, put a recliner in each player’s locker and added a barber’s chair. The weight room upgrades are centered on efficiency in that they feature more racks with increased functionality at each station, Director of Sports Performance Matt Gildersleeve said.

“Time is our most valuable asset,” he said. “And we got a whole heck of a lot of it back by having this facility.”

Gildersleeve added that many people provided input into the design, which ultimately serves to bolster the ways KU already runs its strength and conditioning program. Some of the new equipment is also emblazoned with program slogans like “We Will.”

“The company that made all this equipment, I’m not sure how big of fans they are of mine — they said these are the most customized racks they’ve ever had to design,” he said, “because as you guys see, the nuances of every piece of equipment here, it’s tailored specifically to us.”

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