Colorful photo of the ARTx promotional campaign.
Colorful photo of the ARTx brand guidelines.
Photo of event attendee coloring in an ARTx promotional tote bag.
Photo of the fabrication of the "x" as a sign for ARTx festival.
An event speaker behind a podium with the ARTx logo on the front and on projection screen behind.
Photo of A-frame sign in front of people lining up to attend an ARTx event.


ARTx is not your typical art festival. Imagine pairing a poet with an astronomer, a performance troupe with a forest service expert, or a native dance group with an emerging playwright—what you get is exposure to the unexpected and original. New ideas and art forms that leave you feeling changed and more creative than ever. Each year ARTx takes over the city of Flagstaff, Arizona and invites the creative contributions of many to create a current, experiential, interactive, and ever evolving festival.

ARTx embodies the idea that art is not exclusive to artists. True creativity comes from novelty and the convergence of new ideas. The logo and identity system communicate the convergence of opposites: hard and soft, curved and straight, monochrome and color. The color system is full-spectrum and vibrant to communicate diversity, open-mindedness, and creativity, but true to its location, focused into four palettes of naturally occurring color keys seen and experienced in Flagstaff nature: Sunset, Sunrise, Daylight and Twilight.

ARTx Experience will play a critical role in the years to come, helping Creative Flagstaff fulfill its mission to foster creative opportunity and affirm the commitment to interdisciplinary creativity—creating transformative moments of surprise, delight, and exposure to new ideas, through the avenue of the arts. Visit to learn more.


Flagstaff, AZ
Graphic Design Award
Creative Flagstaff
Lauren Pusateri & Taylor Mahoney
Multistudio asterisk