Image showing Multistudio's Lexi Tengco helping a little girl use virtual reality goggles to view the proposed design for the Lemann Building renovation.


We aim to engage and inspire through design. Our values are built around a culture that seeks diverse perspectives, promotes multidisciplinary collaboration, and utilizes design to positively impact the communities and clients we serve.

Design collaboration in the pursuit of possibility

We believe design is inherent in everything we do—from our operations to how we execute our projects. Beyond aesthetics, a successful design centers around health and wellbeing for all its users, is sensitive to environmental impacts, and is adaptable to future change.

Diverse input results in more enduring and equitable designs for a wider community. We actively seek multiple perspectives and experiences to take each design beyond what we could have imagined alone.

A project’s unique contexts: geographical, social, cultural, and economical, influence how we pursue its potential solution. Integral to our process, we believe in collaborating beyond our expertise to peel back the multi layers and best serve a design’s purpose.

We believe every project has inherent possibility. Aspiring to achieve more through our multi‑design process, our aim is to be a catalyst for positive impacts to our community, to modeling resiliency and wellness, to manifesting the values and missions of our clients, and maximizing flexibility for anticipated future change.

Accountability by all, opportunity for all.

Multistudio’s evolution is in part a response to unprecedented challenges we currently face in our world with climate change and social inequities. We are committed to helping to address these broad and important issues through our design work and advocacy. Both in our projects and in our internal operations, we have taken intentional, concerted steps to overlay a lens of equity and sustainability in everything we do.

We seek diversity in all forms within an equitable and inclusive work setting that enriches every individual’s sense of belonging and supports the personal representation of their identity. Diversity matters, but it’s not enough. Actively influencing change within our local communities and throughout our professional disciplines is a process of relentless self-improvement that we embrace. Read our Full DEIB Statement. Internally, we’re focused on three core goals:

Historically, the architecture industry has been exclusionary for Black architects and designers. In 2021, only 2% of the licensed architects in the U.S. were Black. Multistudio is focused on increasing representation within our firm, especially among the ranks of Black architects and designers, and including all people who lead. Actively mentoring and supporting the career paths of Black talent exposes and dismantles barriers within our firm. Further, we remain committed to cultivating a culture that fosters professional growth and development and strives to reflect the communities we serve. Partnering with the National Organization for Minority Architects (NOMA) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), we are expanding our candidate pool for both new and experienced architects and designers in support of these initiatives. We are creating structures and practices that facilitate recruiting and retaining all people, including people from disparate cultures, races, and ethnicities.

We intentionally engage in conversations to pinpoint and address issues pertaining to DEIB. Established in 2011, our E3 committee Educates, Engages, and Elevates conversations around a broad spectrum of equity—including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, family matters, and more—while supporting internal equity initiatives like our mentorship and licensure programs. In 2020, we established an Advisory Council comprised of a cross‑section of associates who work closely with our Board of Directors on policy, procedures and practices that enact real change. Multistudio leadership are engaged and involved in this work and support the proposed outcomes. The diverse voices from our E3 and Advisory Council—in partnership with our Sustainability and Best Practices committees—hold us accountable to our people and communities.

As active designers of our firm culture, we intend to have a valued place and voice. We focus on eliminating unconscious bias in our practices and compensation, and promote inclusion throughout our firm norms. We believe in equal pay for equal work. We review compensation across all regions and disciplines annually, and biennially we perform blind salary equity audits where we look for unconscious pay discrepancies by gender or race. Currently, we are re‑examining our hiring and interview procedures to identify where we can be more inclusive and equitable. Bringing inclusion to the forefront raises the standard for all.

Addressing significant environmental challenges.

Climate change impacts how and where we live and will continue to negatively impact our world, especially our most vulnerable communities. We are committed to working towards a carbon-free future.

This commitment starts with our internal operations that offset our carbon emissions like offering customized remote work options for our staff and promoting the purchase of goods from local and green businesses.

Through our practice, we work towards positive impact at all scales—from site-specific approaches to energy and water use reduction to a rigorous focus on healthy and low carbon materials. In partnership with communities, we work to develop resilient and equitable long-term plans that advance climate justice and reduce our carbon footprint. We proactively focus on health and wellness, considering the impact of our decisions on people and their habitats.

We aim to incorporate the AIA Committee on the Environment’s Framework for Design Excellence—a collection of resources that help guide design teams through designing high-performing buildings—as part of our Multistudio process.

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