Yosemite Valley

A passport for all to share and experience nature on an infinite scale.

With the majestic backdrop of the Yosemite Valley, three food concessions—at Degnan’s, Yosemite Lodge, and Curry Village—are refueling points for visitors as they experience spectacular nature. Yet the facilities hadn’t been updated in almost half a century and were accommodating many more people than they had been designed for.

Working with Aramark, we redesigned the concession spaces to maximize the enjoyment of nature; improve circulation to move visitors from entry to eating more efficiently; and celebrate the history of the park and unique story of each destination.

Rather than making new statements in a place that nature has already endowed with plenty, the designs enhance the facilities with new looks that reflect the future and honor the past. Interpretive elements detail not only the Valley’s history, but also contemporary and future issues such as water usage, wildlife, material sources, and sustainability.

Each of the three locations has its own history, as well as unique jewel-type moments, to celebrate. Degnan’s loft housed an old fireplace that we revived to create a centerpiece from which to enjoy the views of Yosemite Falls.

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The spaces incorporate colors and textures based on historic textiles, materials, and artifacts.

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Nature, wellness, and education permeate the design in all three concessions, with graphics derived from the diversity of people and activities of the park, such as at Basecamp at Yosemite Lodge, a climber’s haven.

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With visitors from around the world, multilingual signage and international foods offer a new sense of welcome and healthy food options.

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While the natural world is still the star, the renovations to these three eateries have greatly improved the visitor experience for all ages and backgrounds.

Yosemite National Park, CA
Environmental Graphic Design Award
IIDA Southwest Chapter
Merit Award
San Francisco Design Week
Travel + Hospitality Award
Roehner + Ryan
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