395 3rd Street Residences

Rendering of the top of 395 3rd Street. Rendering by Henning Larsen.

Conceptual and detail sketches of 395 3rd Street. Sketches by Henning Larsen and Multistudio.
Rendering of the crown of the 395 3rd Street. Rendering by Henning Larsen.
Rendering of 395 3rd Street looking up from the ground. Rendering by Henning Larsen.

A design rooted in place.

The project is a 34-story residential high rise building that will bring more than 500 units of housing to San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood. Its columnar form is inspired by the California Redwood tree, creating a timeless icon rooted in its urban surroundings. At every scale, the building is being designed to reflect and amplify its place.

As Architect of Record, Multistudio is collaborating with Design Architect Henning Larsen Associates, employing our San Francisco high rise residential experience to translate the overall conceptual vision into the details of desirable unit types, inspiring layouts that capitalize on unparalleled views, and a distinctive façade design that is articulated for the human scale.

Axonometric diagram of 395 3rd Street. Diagram by Multistudio.

The tower seeks to engage the city and community at three scales: the street, the city, and the bay. As the building rises, there are three bands of amenities that connect and orient each experience through landscape.

  1. The ground floor connects to the street. The tower ribs delicately meet the pedestrian realm, sheltering pedestrians from vehicular drop off and parking while creating pockets of calm on a busy intersection.
  2. The podium roof connects to the city and houses the communal kitchen, grilling patio and fitness.
  3. The rooftop connects to the bay, offering a Scandinavian spa experience with a Finnish sauna, pool and roof garden designed for thermal comfort and well-being. The rooftop amenities allow for water runoff mitigation while creating a biophilic and welcoming space for residents.
Rendering of the lobby entry of 395 3rd Street. Rendering by Henning Larsen.

Cultivating Neighborhood Connections

The building marks a threshold between two urban neighborhoods: the lower buildings of SOMA to the South and West, and the taller towers of the East Cut neighborhood to the North and East. The rhythm of storefronts on 3rd Street is continued by a lobby and retail space that are sculpted to create two new exterior plazas, encouraging pedestrian movement under the ground floor colonnade and along the street.

Exterior rendering of the units of 395 3rd Street showing the variation in occupiable and Juliet balconies. Rendering by Henning Larsen.

Design for Living & Energy Efficiency

The articulated façade builds on San Francisco’s rich architectural history of capturing light and depth with masonry. It incorporates a mix of Juliet and habitable balconies as unique private outdoor spaces. The façade’s design reduces glazing percentage overall. The increased depth and scalloping reduces solar heat gain and has the added benefit of mitigating wind speeds to improve comfort at street level.

Rendering of the ground level streetscape of 395 3rd Street. Rendering by Henning Larsen.
San Francisco, CA
553,800 sq.ft. | 34‑story, 500+ units
Strada Investment Group
Design Architect (& renderings by)
Henning Larsen Associates
Multistudio asterisk