Brand Experience

Your brand is more than a striking logo, it’s something to be experienced.

Multistudio explores the powerful relationships between brand and communication, logo and interiors, paper and the built environment to tell your story—seamlessly—in a way that integrates every aspect of your identity into one strong, consistent statement. It is through brand we shape holistic experiences that invite all to engage, creating personal, meaningful, and impactful connections between your brand and audience.

How We Think

Helping to express your true identity

There is no one-size-fits-all design solution. Focused on a hyper personalized process, we look to your unique goals, mission, vision, and personality to influence the outcome. We bring an outside perspective to understanding who you are and thrive in collaborating with you to ensure no question goes unasked. Our portfolio intentionally explores diverse solutions, aesthetics, and mediums as a true reflection of the individuality of our clients.

Connecting the user experience

A successful user experience is just as much about the journey of exploration or any one brand touchpoint, as it is about the connections of those moments to tell a comprehensive story and impactful overall impression. We believe in creating solutions, from strategy to identity, collateral to spaces, that tailor and amplify your brand in a way that audiences feel comfortable engaging and interacting with time and time again.

Building brands with intention

Building brands takes balance. It is our primary focus to combine our innovative design with technical capabilities to build upon your mission. To create a brand that not only informs, but also delights and excites. Aesthetics and function; words and visuals; internal and external; where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go…all carefully choreographed in an integrated ecosystem consistent across varied platforms for varied audiences.

Orchestrating the total brand experience

We are critically engaged with our work and not willing to settle for anything less than our best. Each component of brand is only one piece of a larger puzzle and we thrive in collaborating with communities or organizations to define a powerful story that connects with their users. The outcome is one strong, consistent experience poised to solve any business challenge. It is the total brand experience.

Additional Work


  • Strategic Consulting

  • Brand Strategy & Positioning

  • Naming Ideation

  • Visual Identity & Standards

  • Print & Digital Collateral

  • Website Design

  • Signage & Wayfinding

  • Experiential Graphics


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