Melissa Alexander



Every day I am fascinated by something different, and I love discovering how design is relevant to anything and everything. I hold the belief that the world’s problems can be solved through the design process. I aspire to contribute wildly crazy ideas, because the ability to think big is imperative for progress and all things seem possible with a creatively open mind.

With her architectural training, interior design talent and keen graphic eye, Melissa embodies the multidisciplinary spirit of Multistudio. A highly creative designer, Melissa is also skilled at inspiring others to push ideas beyond their comfort zone and believes that any challenge can be solved through creative and forward-thinking design.

Melissa has an innate ability to connect with coworkers, clients and industry members while creating vibrant interiors with her textile, furniture and graphic selections. Her passion for design excellence, ability to develop lasting client partnerships and engagement in fostering an inspiring workplace are only a few reasons why she excels.

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