Laurel Child Development Center

The preschool is an all-electric, decarbonized early child development center for an underserved California public school community. In partnership with the school district, school administration and local community, Multistudio and the design team developed a vision of an equitable preschool that sparks imagination and curiosity while encouraging early ecological stewardship. In service of this vision, the facility provides learning environments connected to nature and support services for the whole family. The four classrooms are designed to accommodate 108 children, opening out to a series of outdoor areas for nature play, noisy play and gardening. The building also includes a family resource center and dedicated staff work areas. The sustainable design features of the building can serve as educational tools, including the solar roof that offsets energy and carbon, edible gardens with a water collection barrel, and a teaching garden that focuses on the water and nutrient cycle.


Oakland, CA
10,200 sq.ft.
Oakland Unified School District
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