Large environmental graphic that says "Garney Construction"
Workplace interior of Garney Construction
View of modern kitchen at Garney Construction
Concrete water pipe collaborative work booths

Garney Construction Headquarters

This interiors renovation within a 1950s warehouse elevates Garney Construction’s brand identity and their “boots on the ground” culture while modernizing their workspace into a collaborative and tech-enabled atmosphere. Spaces include a central commons, flexible training rooms, tech-enabled meeting rooms, 9:1 open/private office ratio, a green room for recording, a fitness center, a quiet library space, and “crash pads” for employees who need easy access to a place to rest between jobs.
Garney specializes in large-scale water infrastructure construction, so the new space draws inspiration from their business by transforming three concrete water pipes into collaborative meeting booths. Each pipe weighs 18,000 pounds and houses cushioned seating for up to six people, a suspended butcherblock table with power access, and interior lighting. The pipes are arranged playfully amongst informal seating near the front entry.


Kansas City, MO
30,838 sq.ft.
Kansas City Business Journal
Capstone Award for Office Design
Kelly Callewaert
Multistudio asterisk