Creative Flagstaff Branding & Website

Visualizing the convergence of arts, science, and culture to build community through creativity.

Creative Flagstaff was born from a commitment to valuing all forms of the creative process, imagination, and discovery to build a creative community. To further embrace the full breadth of the organization’s mission and vision, it was recommended that what was currently known as Flagstaff Arts Council, undergo a name change to better reflect the ideas expressed within the organization’s newly adopted strategic plan.

The brand colors, graphic assets, and design tools are inspired by the textures, landscapes, and community of Flagstaff making it truly reflective of the organization.

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An extensive library of collateral and design assets were created for the Creative Flagstaff team as a brand tool kit that would create internal efficiencies and consistencies while also accommodating future brand growth.

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Extensive stakeholder and community outreach helped us to understand how arts, science and culture in Flagstaff intersect and inform one another. We engaged staff, the board, and the larger creative community in Flagstaff with workshops, virtual whiteboards, and surveys to gather input from as many constituents as possible. This helped to arrive at the name, Creative Flagstaff, and from there develop a logo reflective of the intentional intersection of art, science, and culture.

Their new and easy-to-navigate website accommodates both users who know what they’re looking for and those who come for a more immersive learning experience. The site design reflects Creative Flagstaff’s mission to be a visual-forward platform, fostering a vibrant creative community, driving investment in the creative economy.

Flagstaff, AZ
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