Cork & Craft

Cork & Craft is a full-service restaurant in the heart of the University of Arizona’s campus. It is the first restaurant on campus to offer alcohol.

Our team approached this project through two lenses: interior architecture and brand experience. We worked in tandem to meet the client’s request for an identity that celebrates the restaurant’s collaboration with the university’s dining facilities & the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences.

The name nods to wine and beer being served on-site, and the graphics within the space, including the layered menu and eclectic, custom collage-style graphics, add a subtle punch and attitude. Celebrating the building’s existing materials, the architecture inspires every detail, including the copper silverware and tasteful neutrals.

The project was driven by two key objectives: demographic inclusivity and inter-university collaboration. We aimed to create a space that would appeal to a wide range of patrons, from students and faculty to parents visiting for the weekend, school tours, and even specialty dean or professor visits. The inclusion of hand-crafted beer brewed in-house from the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences further enhances the appeal. The new roll-up door allows for an indoor/outdoor bar experience, maximizing visibility to the main mall and the ability to leverage the year-round Tucson weather.

Cork & Craft blends casual sophistication while providing an upscale atmosphere with an undeniable aura of warmth and welcome. Any parent, student, faculty, or scholar can improve their day with a carefully crafted meal and thoughtfully paired beverage at Cork & Craft.


Tucson, AZ
3,800 sq.ft.
Architizer A+ Awards
Special Mention
University of Arizona
Multistudio asterisk