Amid the challenges of increasing climate extremes and social inequity, we are committed to harnessing the power of multidisciplinary design to address the most critical demands of our time. To explore what is possible, we put human experience at the forefront of form and place—with craft, performance, and beauty.

How We Think


Every project is unique, with its own set of opportunities and challenges that must be addressed as part of the design solution. By approaching the design process as thoroughly as we approach the design of a building, we can rethink any presumptions and provide space for multiple voices to share in the process. Our customized processes lead to comprehensive solutions designed with — not for — you.


We are makers, creators, and hands-on doers. Design is messy, and we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We work with raw materials to translate a design concept into a built solution. As a result, there’s a tangible quality to everything we do.


Beauty in architecture is experienced. It is sensed through occupation, as you move through it, or the day moves through it. Beauty can be found in the program’s organization, connection to the context, and attention to details of material and form. Whether simple or complex, beautiful places engage us and invite us to stay.


We are committed to creating physical connections that bond people and a sense of place. This requires a process centered on the people, the community at the heart of the project itself. Welcoming placemaking promotes sociability and activity and fosters engagement.


We evaluate the performance of our projects through critical layers and constraints. Whether designing a minimal energy footprint for an ocean research center along an eroding coastline, or a community center in Africa, local conditions are the first consideration towards a holistic approach. We demand that our projects perform on environmental, socio-economical, and cultural goals. Our approach is always to consider the short-term building decisions with long-term impacts.

Additional Work


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