Image of a man standing holding a baby while another man sits across from him at the kitchen island. A black dog lays in the sun on the floor.

The San Francisco Standard Highlights Pet Amenities at Chorus

An excerpt from an article written by Liz Lindqwister September 10, 2023

Liz Lindqwister, writing for The San Francisco Standard, sheds light on the growing trend of pet-friendly amenities across the nation, with San Francisco at the forefront of this movement.

These San Francisco Apartments Lure Tenants With Insane Perks for Dogs

“San Francisco luxury apartments are going to extreme measures to lure renters back to the city—targeting their beloved pets.

The new apartments at the 27-story complex Chorus SF come complete with Teslas for tenants, a theater, a rooftop pool and posh pet perks—including a pet spa.”

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