Leading with Love: KC Girls Preparatory Academy’s Inaugural Gala Raises over 1.2 Million

July 7, 2023

In its inaugural year, Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy raised over $1,200,000 at the Leading with Love Gala. KC Girls Prep welcomed its first class of fifth-grade students in the fall of 2019, becoming the first single-gender, open-enrollment charter public school in Kansas City. The institution has grown to serve grades five through eight. It plans to expand one grade yearly to form a middle school (5th-8th) and a new high school (9th-12th).

The educational facilities will foster a strong sense of community and a rigorous, college-bound academic culture. This mission extends beyond college success. KC Girls Prep concentrates on allowing students to become change-makers.

Multistudio has been engaged to design an addition to the historic middle school and, one day, a new high school that will complement the existing structure and addition. We are eager to watch this institution create the next generation of leaders in Kansas City and beyond. If you want to learn more about KC Girls Prep, please follow the link below.

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