Laugh‑O‑Gram Studios in the News

Thank You, Walt Disney Receives $2 Million Grant February 27, 2023

Laugh-O-Gram Studios will soon become Kansas City’s premiere immersive museum & center for innovation in digital media entrepreneurship and education.

Designed in 1922, the McConahay Building, also known as Laugh-O-Gram Studios, was designed by female architect Nelle Peters and occupied by Walt Disney from the building’s completion in 1922 to 1923.

Nelle Peters would eventually lead her architectural firm and, along the way, be responsible for several Kansas City landmarks. Today, we celebrate the incredible woman who created the space for Walt Disney to capture and expand the art of illustration and animation.

U.S. House Rep. Emanuel Cleaver stated, “I think it would be malfeasant if Kansas City did not have some visible tribute to one of its most significant citizens.”

In 1978 the building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and today, we are proud to be tasked with reimaging this space for future creators and dreamers.

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