Multistudio’s Work Published in Strong Towns

August 4, 2022

Indianapolis Transit Design Prioritizes People Over Parking

Strong Towns recently published research gathered by Multistudio’s City Design practice and the team at Urban3 for the City of Indianapolis’s public transit initiative, IndyGo. IndyGo has been championing higher density and public transportation for the past several years — and is seeing its popularity rise due to employment density at the downtown core.

“IndyGo engaged Urban3 and Multistudio (formerly known as Gould Evans) to do an analysis on the households and land use activities and development patterns in the census tracts that were within approximately a half mile of the future Blue Line. Their signature “Geoaccounting” methodology immediately showed how productive Indianapolis’s compact, walkable city center was for municipal coffers. In fact, downtown was essentially paying for public services across the entire rest of the city and county, a line of argument that Brooke notes was particularly persuasive to the local Chamber of Commerce and other influential members of the business community.”

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