David Reid




I’m an education geek. When I hear a news story about how screen time impedes the language development of infants, or how digital audio doesn’t stimulate the language center of the brain like a human voice, I almost have to pull over to absorb the magnitude. Nerdy—I know. But potentially significant as we think about how to design better learning environments for tomorrow’s learners.

David’s excitement about all things educational is contagious. He excels at helping clients envision a more compelling future condition: broadening their conceptions about the transformative power of great design.

David’s drive to create learning environments with real educational outcomes is reflected in his design process. His natural curiosity and patience engage clients and collaborators in a deeper understanding of a design problem, unlocking design solutions with meaning. Recognizing that the greatest innovations often emerge from constraints, he loves taking small projects and elevating them into major impacts that support a client’s mission. David is a leader in our education practice with research efforts into emerging 21st century pedagogies and how they interact with the built environment.

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