Krista Shepherd



If you pay attention to what is happening in the world around you, all things are interconnected. I am surprised every day by this reality—it reveals startling links between seemingly unrelated things.

Krista is adept in defining big picture concepts while not losing sight of the detail. Clients say that she pays attention to facets of an issue that others overlook, resulting in architecture that reflects what they imagined but could not express. Krista jointly leads Multistudio’s Phoenix location and blends architecture, landscape, and urban design. Her relationships with clients and colleagues are the foundation of a powerful dialogue about the potential of design. This makes her a highly effective leader. She brings conceptual thinking, technical expertise and optimistic energy to every design effort, large or small.

Essential to Krista’s existence is being in the “mess of design”. This assumes that everyone on the team is designing simultaneously to debate, contrast, and find resonance with emergent concepts that drive the project.

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