Bob Baum



I’ve spent approximately half of my life in New York and the other half in San Francisco. I love the intensity of street life, the way cities evolve over time, and most importantly, the way a new building can enhance an urban context. A great urban building should be judged by all the ways it contributes to the evolution of a great city.

Bob excels at designing beautiful, well-crafted buildings in the face of challenging constraints. Whether a new infill building or a multi-story addition, his solutions are rooted in client identity and the principles of great urban design.

Bob listens carefully and responds with designs specific to client aspirations. He relishes the search for the optimal solution and loves the “second round” of the design process: when the heart of the challenge has been revealed. He says “This is the point where I can think most clearly about the design and help my clients to realize their goals.” A co-leader of Multistudio’s San Francisco location, Bob is skilled at engaging other designers and helping them develop their own talents.

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