SHSMO Center for Missouri Studies

The Center for Missouri Studies is the new headquarters of the State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO). The Center is a research facility containing a library, state archives, and auditorium meeting space that dramatically expands the capacity of the Historical Society. The new facility increases the storage capacity of artifacts by 200%, while also providing the space to host a variety of public events, including films, workshops, lectures, and receptions.

The design is intended to create a venue for engaging in contemporary topics within the context of a historic collection. To enable this, the auditorium, library, and gallery spaces are organized around a central lobby space. Each of these spaces is designed to create a series of layered connections through transparency and movable walls. The resulting experience allows art, literature, and dialogue to combine for a multifaceted perspective of current issues.


Columbia, MO
76,700 sq.ft.
Sustainable Design
Association of General Contractors ‑ Missouri
Building Excellence Award ‑ Project of the Year
State Historical Society of Missouri (SHSMO)
Michael Robinson
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