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Martin L. Tovrea



I’ve lived and worked in three very different climate zones, ranging from the humidity of the Southeastern United States, to the harsh winters of Alaska, to the arid peacefulness of the desert Southwest. A key driver for my work has been deep engagement with the constructability principles of each locale – since concepts like sustainability and human comfort can look so different – with the goal of realizing a client’s vision by responding to the uniqueness of place.

Martin is passionate about the process of transforming a client’s vision and goals into a tangible, beautifully-constructed building. He is a consummate partner to his clients in navigating the complexities of the design and construction process in a way that they can understand and embrace. Over more than 20 years of experience in the design and management of large-scale, complex projects, Martin has developed expert technical competence, including a specific focus on Quality Assurance and Quality Control. His oversight helps to ensure that our work reflects client goals, maintains design intent, adheres to budget and is constructible.

A Louisiana native and proud graduate of Louisiana State University, Martin has practiced across the nation in locations as far-reaching as Alaska.

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