Lauren MacColl Maass




I love the interpersonal nature of architecture, and how it creates unexpected relationships and outcomes: clients who become close friends, stakeholder groups that feel like family, buildings that develop into valued community assets, underutilized spaces transformed into active, lively and relevant educational resources for students. These connections enrich both the professional and personal dimensions of my life; they pull me in and make the work so meaningful!

Lauren is a culture-builder who engages our diverse and dedicated group of associates and forges studio collaborations throughout our practice areas and locations. Everyone who works with her—clients, associates and consultants—knows that she exemplifies the qualities one looks for in an architect, and a leader. As Lauren develops projects and engages in firm-wide initiatives, she brings fierce loyalty, a warm personality, and dedication, above all, to the quality of our work. She embodies the values of Multistudio, with inspiration and caring for those she leads. Her energy is boundless, allowing her to provide leadership on a lengthy list of current projects. She also finds time to be active within her school community and in local politics.

Lauren is deeply committed to equity in our profession: she is a long-time contributor to the AIASF Equity by Design Committee and an enthusiastic promoter of our studio’s internal dialogue on equity. An advocate and respected practitioner of innovative educational design, she helps to lead our education design practice in the Bay Area.

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