Emily Harrold



In tangrams puzzles you're given seven simple geometric shapes, yet applying various layouts will create over six thousand different configurations. This is how I approach design—realizing there are many opportunities to create a unique form utilizing the most basic geometries and materials. It’s how you link the pieces together that creates the form, yet if you relocate one piece it changes the composition and creates unexpected possibilities.

Emily embodies so many of the qualities we look for in a leader. A strategic and flexible thinker, she is keenly focused on the big picture for our clients and our studio while caring deeply about the details. Emily tackles design problems with clarity, bringing intelligent insights and new ideas to the table. She’s resourceful, creating exceptional design opportunities out of even the most challenging constraints. Emily fosters an environment of process improvement and optimism within the studio, and has strengthened the integration of interiors and architecture within our overall practice. She routinely earns the trust of clients and project teams alike in the pursuit of exceptional design solutions, and inspires others in this pursuit as well.

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