Anthony Rohr



My responsibility is to be the keeper of the vision. I wake up every day inspired by our firm, our future and the innovative outcomes of our work. We navigate the intersection of art and commerce each day, while remembering that ultimately our work has a direct effect on peoples’ lives and experiences. I’m very proud of and invigorated by the firm we are designing. This is the beginning.

As National Managing Principal of Multistudio, Tony’s design leadership is magnetic. His collegiality brings people together, within our studio and among our collaborators. As National Managing Principal of Multistudio, he is responsible for ensuring that our work resonates with our design vision, extending beyond our practice to create positive outcomes for people and communities. He excels at motivating our design talent and championing their efforts.

Tony has overseen a wide range of public and commercial projects for clients who are interested in employing architecture to make a difference. Clients say that Tony immerses himself in an understanding of their identity, challenges and goals. They remark on his ability to draw from the unique characteristics of their program, people, site and cultural context to build a compelling, thoughtful design narrative. It’s like farm-to-table for design—he takes local ingredients, adds seasoning, simmers well and makes something wonderful and delicious.

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