Aaron Herring



Aaron is simply a creative force. His making of art, architecture, spaces, and landscapes expands the imagination. His engaged dialogue builds richness and openness so that complexity and contradiction can thrive in the creative process. His method of collaboration is a dance: sparked by a question, inspired by contributions, and animated by the energy of others. His belief in collective authorship inspires others and stretches norms to achieve what was initially impossible. His sketchbook exemplifies the depth and beauty of his thinking and making, yet he will offer you his no. 2 pencil to modify and expand upon the sketch. People say that when working with Aaron, the conversation is never usual or uninteresting. When faced with barriers, he embraces constraints by inventing new methods of working with energy and conviction. He inspires and moves people and projects, like the SRPMIC Justice Center, toward new possibilities and unconventional ways of inhabiting the world. Aaron is a leader in spirit and discipline towards making every project, and the lives interwoven in them, remarkable.

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