The Satchel Paige Home Gains Momentum in Becoming a KC Landmark

July 5, 2023

During Paige’s career, he became widely known for his iconic pitching style. Simultaneously, he became a beacon of hope for his community, symbolizing perseverance and possibility. Paige’s home was the gathering place for athletes, musicians, and politicians. In addition to hosting countless celebrities, Satchel and his family welcomed many Negro League players into their home when they were denied access to local hotels.

Matty Zimmerman | Credit: AP

The home of Satchel Paige has always been a prominent part of the Sante Fe Neighborhood Association. [The neighborhood] is on the historic register because of its prominence because of the size of its homes and mostly because of the neighbors and great folks who live here, Satchel Paige being one of many. – Marquita Brockman Taylor, Pitch Perfect and Santa Fe Neighborhood Association team member

Today, thanks to the help of the Pitch Perfect team, the Paige Family, and our partners, the Satchel Paige home is poised to be a living room for the Santa Fe and greater Kansas City community. The home’s program will include museum activities, private office space for lease, museum-related retail, a catering kitchen, and meeting spaces. These facilities will allow for a wide array of activities, ranging from family gatherings to corporate-sponsored events, that will generate the foot traffic and consistent income necessary to sustain ongoing operations.

Through the hard work of many people, the house is stabilized, and we have the framework to do some outstanding things here coming up. Our architectural team has devised a great vision and plan for this with our client partners at Pitch Perfect. Where we stand now is that we have a set of documents, and we are construction ready. We had to do that in order to give our donor and philanthropic community some good faith that this thing can happen and will happen. – Robert Riccardi, AIA,  Principal at Multistudio

The future of the Satchel Paige home counts on achieving adequate funding, and we are engaging our community members and beyond to help raise our goal of $7 million for redeveloping this treasured landmark. If you want to contribute to this initiative, follow the link below to Read more about the latest via the Kansas City Star article.

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