From Intern to Full‑time: An Interview with Pablo Orozco

September 6, 2022

How did your interest in design and architecture develop?

My interest in design and architecture developed from my love for the arts. My dad inspires me; he had diverse artistic abilities, from drawing and painting to fixing things around the house and cooking. His ability to learn and perfect his skills has inspired me to become a multifaceted designer.

What drew you to Multistudio?

During my final semester at ASU, Steve Valev was a professor, and I got to know several designers from Multistudio during that time. It was a different process from any other studio I had previously been in, and I appreciated the new perspectives on my work. I was also drawn in by the vast field of strengths the diverse team Multistudio has, which I can learn from and have a voice even as a young designer.


What are your goals while collaborating at Multistudio?

Being a part of a Multistudio, one of my main goals is to further my overall knowledge in every aspect I can. One of my goals is to be a designer in multiple fields, and I have already begun this goal by being a part of various experiences. Another goal is to learn how to improve my process to comprehend communities and their initiatives better.

Photographs by Sam Gomez

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration from various places like my childhood, family, and culture. There is inspiration all around us—in the natural and digital worlds; it’s about studying it through multiple lenses. I love to find inspiration from my personal life but also from others to learn how to create projects that are true to themselves.

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