Trudi Hummel


I’m passionate about the inclusion of many in the dialogue of design. I am especially interested in engaging our young talent. I relish the friction of generational differences and similarities because I believe that it can catalyze positive change.

Trudi has more than 30 years of comprehensive architectural design experience working with both public and private sector clients, including more than $400 million of construction projects throughout the country. She is recognized by clients and colleagues alike for her insightful creativity. Clients love working with Trudi because she “connects all the dots,” engaging them in an intellectual partnership that solves any design problem in an unexpected and meaningful way. Colleagues admire her ability to design with meaning and deepen the dialogue, in turn inspiring teams to elevate their outcomes.

Trudi’s expertise working with diverse and multi-faceted stakeholders brings creative insight to the entire process. Her passion for community engagement focuses on the key issues—collaboration, interaction and connection—and their impact on design outcomes.

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