Brandon Kent




Collaboration is so important to our work. I enjoy being that connective tissue in the design process–bringing all voices to the conversation and working towards an integrated design solution. Design is a process, not an outcome, and it is exciting to see how the process evolves based on the unique chemistry between a group of collaborators.

Brandon is recognized by all—colleagues, clients, contractors and consultants—as a consummate leader. He is passionate about collaborating with innovative educational thinkers on learning environments. This passion extends to the full range of educational institutions: K-12, community college, and especially, higher education. A well-rounded manager and designer, he is equally comfortable working on athletic facilities, student housing, complex scientific research laboratories or classroom buildings. Those who work with him know that he keeps his cool in the face of challenges, and he can always find humor to balance the need for high-level commitment. Brandon is sought out for his engagement because he makes every project he touches better.

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