UDL Classroom Furniture Research Study 2023

Hi there!

My name is Michael Ralph, and I am leading a research project. I want to learn about how different classroom designs benefit students and teachers, because we want the furniture in your classrooms to help you and your teachers as much as possible. If you would like, you can be in my study. I would like you to complete a survey at the end of each unit this semester. That survey will have some questions about your experiences and how you think the classroom is working for you.

If you decide you want to be in my study, you will click the link your teacher provides and answer the survey questions in a web browser. It will look like this. When you are done, you only have to close the page.

There is not very much risk to you if you participate, and it is a lot like doing anything else you might do on the internet. The benefit of participating in this study is so our team can figure out how to make classrooms even better for students like you. While this is a benefit to everyone, you won’t directly get anything if you choose to participate in this study.

Other people will not know if you are in our study. I will put things I learn about you together with things I learn about other students, so no one can tell what things came from you. When I tell other people about my research, I will not use your name, so no one can tell who I am talking about.

Your adults (whoever takes care of you) have to say it’s OK for you to be in the study. After they decide, you get to choose if you want to do it, too. If you don’t want to be in the study, no one will be mad at you. If you want to be in the study now and change your mind later, that’s also OK. You can stop participating at any time.

If you don’t feel like answering any questions, you don’t have to. You can skip questions or stop the survey by closing the internet window at anytime and that will be all right.

Do you want to take part in this project?

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